Does Anyone Truly Know How to Dose THC?

If you’re into cannabis, you may have heard about the different doses of THC before. While there are many research studies and stoners willing to ‘experiment’ with different THC doses, the true question is, does anyone truly know how to dose THC? 

As a responsible consumer, it’s important to be mindful of your tolerance and find the right dosage that works for you. This means learning how your endocannabinoid system works and what happens when cannabis is consumed in our bodies. 

Whether you’re a newbie or a cannabis pro in Boston, we got your back. Rasta Rootz has put together this simple guide to THC dosing so you can navigate the depths of cannabis with consistency and ease.

What is a Cannabis Dosage?

How much weed you consume directly affects how high you’ll get. So, it’s important to get your cannabis dosage right to have the desired effects you’re looking for.

One of the true facts about cannabis is that scientists haven’t done a ton of research on it yet – so we don’t fully know everything that this plant can truly offer. What we do know is that the amount of cannabis you take is super important. Smaller doses can provide faint, less psychoactive effects but provide efficient therapeutic properties. Smoke a bit too much THC, and you may feel a heightened sense of paranoia or discomfort. However, everyone’s body is different, and each type of product is different too. 

At our Boston recreational dispensary, you’ll find a large, carefully selected array of different cannabis products – from vape cartridges and concentrates to delicious edibles and potent flower. 

Oftentimes when you buy drinks or food, the product or package will tell you how much to take. But other times, like with flower or vapes, they don’t. That’s why it’s important to learn the basics of dosing THC and figuring out what amount works best for you.

Have no fear – our friendly budtenders at Rasta Rootz are here to help you navigate the many different options of cannabis available, and advise you on the best recommended dose for the product. 

How Much is Too Much THC? Deciphering Your Ideal THC Dose

Like the plant itself, the different ranges of THC doses give a full spectrum of support to those who consume it. Let’s learn some of the best tips and information to know about the different levels of cannabis dosing. 

Cannabis is a complex plant filled with a full spectrum of effects when smoked or consumed. When it comes to weed, different levels of THC can give you different types of support. Check out some tips on the different levels or standards of how much weed to take. 

Cannabis Microdosing

Consuming a tiny amount of cannabis is called a microdose. The amount usually ranges between 1 to 2.5 mg. Microdosing helps to ease mild pain and stress while boosting creativity and focus. It’s perfect for people who are trying cannabis for the first time or experienced users who like to microdose. Since the dose is tiny, it doesn’t cause any significant psychoactive effects.

Light THC Dosing

If you’re looking to use cannabis to help with specific issues like trouble sleeping or increased energy, it’s recommended to start with a low dose of 2.5mg to 15mg. You won’t feel an overpowering potency with this light cannabis dose.

Moderate THC Dosing

A moderate amount of cannabis can range from 30 to 50 mg. This is typically a dose recommended for those who are moderate to advanced cannabis consumers with higher tolerances and familiarity with potency. When you take this amount, you can expect to feel some pretty strong euphoric and psychoactive effects. 

High THC Dosing

A high cannabis dose is usually around 50 – 100 mg. As a high dose of THC and other potent cannabinoids, those who consume a high cannabis dose in this range will feel severe psychoactive effects. This dosage amount is typically seen in users with a high tolerance to THC, or cannabis concentrates.

What Factors Affect THC Dosage?

Before you try out any new cannabis product, it’s important to consider these factors beforehand to ensure a safe, consistent, and enjoyable experience.

What’s your method of consumption? 

Edibles will have a longer duration of effects than cannabis vape or flower because of how edibles are absorbed through the digestive tract, rather than flower absorbed through the lungs. Determining this can help you decipher the right dosage. 

What is the THC and CBD content? 

If you have your hands on a product with a high percentage of THC, start slow and low with your dose. Products high in CBD but not THC won’t give a potent psychoactive effect. 

What are your past experiences with cannabis? 

Keeping a journal to record your effects and changes in cannabis dosing can help you monitor the best results and dose for you. Keep track of any previous interactions or experiences you’ve had with cannabis – were there patterns or effects that you experienced before?

What type of product are you consuming? 

For instance, edibles take longer to feel the onset and duration of effects because of the way it’s digested and absorbed in our digestive tract. The THC and cannabinoids consumed through flower or vapes are absorbed through our lungs and bloodstream, which brings on a more potent and quick onset of effects. 

What’s the bioavailability of the product?

Cannabis products such as tinctures or nano-infused beverages have better bioavailability. This means that large amount of nano-cannabinoids and compounds infused in the product become fully absorbed within your body when you consume. 

What is your metabolism rate? 

Especially if you are consuming an edible or infused food or beverage product, your metabolism plays a crucial role in determining how and when you will feel the effects of cannabis. This is because edibles are ingested like food, and anything you’ve eaten before the cannabis edible can delay and prolong the effects felt from an edible.

Find Your Sweet Spot with Cannabis at Rasta Rootz 

For novice and advanced stoners alike, finding your sweet spot with cannabis means determining a dose that feels right for you. Be sure to keep in mind the many different ways various cannabis products play a part in your high experience and the different onset of effects or duration it can bring. 

Remember that your endocannabinoid system acts as a hub for all signals and effects felt when consuming potent cannabinoids, terpenes, and compounds. Keeping track of your effects felt, dosage consumed and all-around cannabis experience will not only make you a smarter consumer, but it will contribute to a consistent and safe cannabis experience for you. 

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